15th Pomegranate Festival gets underway in Goychay

15th Pomegranate Festival gets underway in Goychay

After a four-year break, the popular Pomegranate Festival returned on Saturday to the Azerbaijani city of Goychay, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting AzerTac.

The two-day festival, which started at the central stadium, was attended by local citizens as well as official guests.

The festival featured a series of fairs, quizzes, contests, traditional Azerbaijani dancing and singing to highlight Goychay’s image as the Azerbaijani city that boasts the most delicious (and most varieties of) pomegranates in the country.

The festival participants were presented with delicious pomegranates of different types and a wide variety of products made from Azerbaijani pomegranates.

The visitors familiarized themselves with the exhibition of pomegranates and pomegranate products from about 30 villages in the district.

The book fair organized at the square, as well as handicrafts and ancient art forms aroused great interest among the visitors, while performances of athletes, folklore dance and music groups made the festival even more memorable.