The wife and son of Elmar Huseynov visit Azerbaijan after 17 years

The wife and son of Elmar Huseynov visit Azerbaijan after 17 years

Soon after the editor-in-chief of Monitor magazine, Elmar Huseynov, was killed in 2005, his family moved to Oslo, Norway. Seventeen years later, his wife Rushaniyya Huseynova and her son Aslan traveled back to Azerbaijan and visited the city of Shuasha, which was liberated from Armenian occupation. Below are Mrs. Huseynova’s first impressions of Baku city and how it has changed in the long 17 years that she was gone.

Hello, Baku! I have come back after 17 years. I’ve missed you incredibly all these 17 years. Baku is now almost unrecognizable: it has changed but yet stayed the same beloved city. I was really worried before the trip, watching Youtube videos showing a completely renewed city; I was afraid it will lose the aura I was so used to since my childhood. But I shouldn’t have worried. Baku is still the same kind and gentle city with its own irresistible charm. 

Baku indeed has changed a lot, some of the parts of the city are barely recognizable, while some are still the same. I was amazed by the scale of the city center and Baku Boulevard when I saw it from the top of Bayil Park, which was started by a lawyer, Aslan Ismayilov. The spot that used to be a dump before I left, has now turned into the most incredible park, where 1020 Khan Chinar trees were planted, overviewing the Boulevard. The combination of Khan Chinar trees with the Caspian Sea is simply incredible! Baku will flourish while there are such amazing people living in it! I’m so proud! 

Seventeen years later, our son Aslan has come to his motherland and I would like to share his overwhelming emotions:

“I have come to Baku for the first time in many years and I feel so overcome with emotions. I met my relatives for the first time and saw my motherland and my city. I visited the grave of my father, Elmar. It was a very sad moment, I was so overwhelmed. I know that Elmar loved his city. And I’ve come to love it the same as he did. I liked Baku even more than other European cities, not because it’s the most beautiful one, but because it’s the dearest of them all.”

We were invited to Azerbaijan by the Azerbaijani Diaspora. A trip to Shusha was organized for us. I could never have imagined that this would be possible. And this day has come. After 30 years Shusha is finally ours! Shusha is the heart of our cultural heritage, a cradle of our culture, and a symbol of our strength, the symbol of Victory Day. And now I’m here. 

Driving along the Victory Road (Zəfər Yolu) in the direction of Shusha city, along the serpentine road, one understands the amount of bravery and strength it took our soldiers to reach the Victory, to reach Shusha – the heart of Karabakh, overcoming the most difficult path in 30 kg uniforms. Step by step and inch by inch taking our lands back from Armenian occupiers. 

I was overcome by so many different feelings. I was happy for the victory, for my motherland. When I went up the Cidir Duzu mountain in Shusha, in my heart I praised all those who have lost their lives to liberate this city, those who have brought victory to our nation, all those mothers and fathers who have raised such glorious sons of Azerbaijan!