Azerbaijani Silk Presented at International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai

Azerbaijani Silk Presented at International Apparel & Textile Fair in Dubai

On November 28-30, Azerbaijan participated in the International Apparel & Textile Fair (IATF) held in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), presenting one of its most beautiful pieces of cultural heritage – Azerbaijani silk scarves – kelaghayi.

Often decorated with ornamental patterns and the symbol of buta, meaning fire, eternity, and life, these headscarves have almost a 1500-year history. By the 7th century, people in Azerbaijan have mastered the craft of sericulture, and very quickly such cities as Sheki, Shamakhi, and Karabakh joined the Great Silk Road and began actively competing with traditional silk suppliers from China on the markets of Western Europe. It is worth mentioning that kelaghayi headscarves were among the most popular items among buyers.

In 2014, the traditional art of kelaghayi has been inscribed on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

At this year’s International Apparel and Textile Fair in Dubai, Azerbaijan was represented by the “Azərİpək” company with several lines of traditional silk scarves. As noted by the company’s Marketing and Business Development Manager, Ms. Mammadova, participating in international fairs like IATF plays a special role in the development strategy of the brand. It allows being closer to the buyer, turning it into one of the crucial factors of success, which is important both for the domestic and international markets.

In October 2016, a presidential decree was adopted, which envisaged large-scale promotion of local non-oil products under the brand “Made in Azerbaijan” in foreign markets, holding presentations in different countries of the world under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand as it holds great importance in terms of promoting Azerbaijan and its products.

By introducing the “Azərİpək” silk scarves to the world under the “Made in Azerbaijan” brand, it becomes possible to show the difference and quality of Azerbaijani silk and introduce “Azərİpək” products to new markets. Introducing the country’s unique product is important for the country’s economy as the increase in demand for it will also mean more exports and more foreign currency entering the country.