Azerbaijan’s embassy appeals to compatriots living in Ukraine

Azerbaijan’s embassy appeals to compatriots living in Ukraine

The Embassy of Azerbaijan appealed to the compatriots living and temporarily staying in Ukraine, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Trend News.

According to the appeal, the Embassy recommends taking into account the following due to the poor security conditions in Ukraine:

– avoid trips to areas of active hostilities;

– stay away from military units and defense industry enterprises, including other military facilities that may be potential targets;

– be careful while traveling around the country, choose the safest possible route;

– don’t visit public places with a large crowd of people, unless there is a serious need for this;

– carry a valid identity document with you, given that there are checkpoints throughout the country;

– comply with the curfew and other safety requirements of the competent authorities;

– keep travel documents ready (Azerbaijani citizens without valid documents can contact the embassy);

– know the available shelters and in case of air raids go down to them, but if this is not possible, take cover on the lower floors of buildings, or stay away from windows and doors, and follow the official information about the situation;

– contact the embassy in case of emergency;

– keep in touch with activists of Azerbaijani diaspora organizations, wherever they are;

– Azerbaijani citizens who are going to visit Ukraine should postpone their trips until security conditions improve if there is no serious need for such trips.

Embassy contacts:

Phone: 044 484 69 40, 073 505 00 00, 099 408 99 43.


Embassy address: Kyiv, st. Glubochitskaya 24.

Consular Section Reception Hours:

receiving applications – from 10:00 till 13:00.

issuance of finished documents – from 15:00 till 18:00.

The reception of citizens on Saturday, Sunday, and official non-working days will be carried out when urgent measures are required, and on the basis of prior registration.

For other information and recommendations, please follow the embassy’s Facebook page.