Baku to host international defense industry exhibition in September

Baku to host international defense industry exhibition in September

Azerbaijan’s capital city Baku will host the international defense exhibition ADEX at the Baku Expo Center on September 6-8, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Azernews, citing the Defense Industry Ministry.

The event will be organized by the Caspian Event Organizers Company at the initiative of the Azerbaijani Defense Industry Ministry with the support of the Defense Ministry.

Over 200 companies from 26 nations are anticipated to attend the event to showcase their cutting-edge weaponry and equipment. Participants will include top military businesses from Bulgaria, China, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belarus, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Russia, Turkey, Jordan, and others.

The exhibition’s main sponsors are Jadara Equipment & Defense Systems (Jordan), Turkish Aerospace, and ASFAT companies.

The ADEX exhibition, which will be held for the first time in the aftermath of Azerbaijan’s great triumph in the 44-day war, will be especially important in underlining the importance of modern weaponry in gaining military victories.

The Azerbaijani Defense Industry Ministry’s stands will be placed in the first and third halls of the Baku Expo Center to display the latest domestically manufactured weaponry and military equipment. Participants at the event will be able to learn about the latest developments in the country’s military industry, as well as the Azerbaijani armed forces’ current and expanding capabilities.

A large-scale demonstration of the most modern types of weapons at ADEX will contribute to the technical re-equipment of the armed forces, as well as create conditions for constructive communication, experience exchange, and the establishment of effective relationships between local and foreign military-technical specialists.

Aircraft and aviation systems, naval ships and naval systems, armored combat vehicles, radio-electronic systems, C4ISR, optical-electronic equipment and systems, unmanned systems, military clothing and supplies, weapons and ammunition, simulators, and training systems, as well as radiation, chemical, and biological defense systems, military organizations, export promotion enterprises, etc., will be represented at the exhibition.

Parallel to ADEX, the 13th International Internal Security, Protection, and Rescue Exhibition Securex Caspian will be also held, showcasing promising models of equipment, complicated protection systems, and weaponry for law-enforcement, border, rescue, firefighting, and special services.

The event will be co-organized by the Azerbaijani Defense Industry Ministry, the State Security Service, the Emergencies Ministry, the Interior Ministry, and the State Border Service.

The Securex Caspian exhibition is believed to contribute to the creation of favorable conditions for the growth of collaboration, the sharing of experience, and the resolution of problems related to the state, society, and citizens’ security.

Chiefs of the Azerbaijani law-enforcement and rescue agencies, emergency rescue and border services, international delegations, as well as professionals in urban infrastructure, transportation, and industrial businesses, among others, will attend the event.

Alarm and warning devices, forensic optical instruments, emergency rescue vehicles and equipment, fire safety equipment, and other sectors will also be showcased at the event.

A comprehensive business program has been developed for the ADEX and Securex Caspian exhibits. The 4th Azerbaijan International Defense and Security Conference (sessions on topics such as unmanned systems, cyber security, innovations in the field of military medicine, etc.) will be held during the three-day exhibitions.

In addition, bilateral meetings will be held between the participants of the exhibition and representatives of international delegations, as well as relevant institutions of Azerbaijan.