Defense Minister Güler: Stability in Caucasus priority for Türkiye

Defense Minister Güler: Stability in Caucasus priority for Türkiye

Türkiye prioritizes stability and peace in the Caucasus and supports its brotherly nation Azerbaijan, Defense Minister Yaşar Güler said Friday, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Daily Sabah.

“We place great importance on stability in the Caucasus. We are making significant efforts to establish lasting peace in the region and continue to support our brotherly nation Azerbaijan with the understanding of ‘one nation, two states,’” Güler said at a ceremony held at the Defense Ministry marking September 19, Veterans Day.

In a speech, he said that Türkiye will continue contributing to regional and global peace in many regions.

“We are continuing our constructive efforts to reactivate the Black Sea grain agreement,” he added, referring to a pact reached last summer to enable grain exports from Ukraine despite the ongoing war, which Russia withdrew from in July.

Güler also said Türkiye is continuing its endeavors to maintain the favorable atmosphere with Greece that it has been fostering in recent years.

“We will continue our fight against terrorism with the same determination and unwavering commitment as we have done so far, without making any concessions,” he stressed.