First VP Mehriban Aliyeva expressed gratitude to the nation

First VP Mehriban Aliyeva expressed gratitude to the nation

I would like to thank everyone who responded to my appeal to be active in the information field. We must always remember that confrontation covers not only the line of direct hostilities, but also the information field. I see how our youth, our fellow citizens expose the fakes of the Armenian propaganda, bring the truth about the Armenian aggression to the international community on all available platforms. Their voice of truth helps to identify historical falsification and prevent the spread of absolutely baseless, deliberately false, provocative materials.

I thank the media representatives. It is possible to convey to the world today’s Azerbaijani realities thanks to their objectivity and high professionalism.

It is impossible not to mention our compatriots living abroad, who, holding flags in their hands, protest against the invaders and show Armenia’s aggressive nature to the international community. I express gratitude to our friends around the world who empathize and express their principled and fair position in support of the Azerbaijani people.

Excerpt from the interview that originally appeared in Trend News Agency