German edition of Mir Jalal Pashayev’s book “Fuzuli’s Artistry” presented in Vienna

German edition of Mir Jalal Pashayev’s book “Fuzuli’s Artistry” presented in Vienna

The Vienna-based Azerbaijan Cultural Center has hosted the presentation of the famous Azerbaijani writer and literary scholar Mir Jalal Pashayev’s book “Fuzuli’s Artistry”, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting AzerTac.

This book project was initiated by the Rector of ADA University, Prof. Hafiz Pashayev, while Dr. Rizvan Nabiyev coordinated the organization of the translation and publication as the project leader. The publication of “Fuzuli’s Artistry” serves as an important step in the scientific research of Azerbaijani literature.

The book, published by the well-known German publishing house Ergon-Nomos, Bibliotheca Academica – among the selected publications in the field of Oriental studies, was translated into German by Michael Reinhard Hess, Associate Professor at the University of Giesen, orientalist-scientist.

Mir Jalal, the founder of Fuzuli studies in Azerbaijan, defended his thesis (1940) on the Peculiarities of the poetry of Fuzuli, expanded and published it in 1958 as a monograph entitled Fuzuli’s Artistry. The monograph reflects the scientific research of literary creativity and art of Mahammad Fuzuli (1494–1556), the culture of poetry and artistic prose.

The research by Mir Jalal provides insight into some philosophical and historical issues while studying a general literary panorama of Fuzuli poetry from the scientific point of view.

Mir Jalal, the founder of Azerbaijani Fuzuli studies, defended his PhD thesis on “Poetic features of Fuzuli” in 1940 and expanded it in 1958 and published it as a monograph under the name “Fuzuli’s Artistry”. The monograph reflects scientific research on the literary creativity and art of our genius poet Muhammad Fuzuli, who lived and created in the 16th century, as well as the culture of poetry and artistic prose. In his book, Mir Jalal managed to scientifically present the general literary landscape of Fuzuli’s work in addition to examining individual issues and motives.

Despite the fact that 80 years have passed since the date of its writing, no scientific work has been written about Fuzuli’s work with depth and detail that can be compared with the scientific work of Mir Jalal. Even today, this work is an indispensable source for researchers of Fuzuli’s creativity.

This monograph, dedicated to the study of Fuzuli’s genius, is also of great importance in terms of conveying Mir Jalal’s work to European readers.

Addressing the event, head of the Culture Center Leyla Gasimova noted that Mir Jalal Pashayev is known by readers in Azerbaijan and abroad both as a writer, master of story-telling, and also as one of the main researchers of the activity of prominent Azerbaijani poet Mahammad Fuzuli.

Other speakers of the event also included General Director of the Institute of Manuscripts named after Mahammad Fuzuli of ANAS, Academician Teymur Karimli, Doctor of Philology, Professor Tarlan Guliyev, Head of the Linguistic Support Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan Rizvan Nabiyev, orientalist-scientist Michael Reinhard Hess, Head of the Department of Literary History of the Baku State University, professor Adiba Pashayeva.