Hikmet Hajiyev: Peace is in the region, not in Paris, Brussels or Washington

Hikmet Hajiyev: Peace is in the region, not in Paris, Brussels or Washington

Hikmet Hajiyev – assistant for the foreign policy of the president of Azerbaijan in his interview with euroreporter.co said that Azerbaijan wants regional security, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan.

“We want to build a new regional security architecture based on justice, recognizing each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, and ending all territorial claims.

First, peace and regional security are not in Brussels, Paris, Washington, or anywhere. Peace is in the region.”

Some in the European Parliament feel Azerbaijanophobia or Islamophobia toward Azerbaijan. The European Council recently made a statement criticizing Azerbaijan, which we find unnecessary. European institutions never treated Azerbaijan fairly while its territory was occupied, he added.

”For years, there was one approach toward separatist entities in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, but another against Azerbaijan.”

He added that “some EU member countries, like France, have started a militarisation program in Armenia.”

He noted that France is sending Armenia missile-capable military armed personnel carriers.

“We consistently warned member states like France not to support separatism in Azerbaijan’s territory. Second, don’t promote Armenian revanchism or geopolitical games in our region. Unfortunately, this is true.”

“We think that this is a historical opportunity and a historical momentum and that appropriate European institutions should also be part of the solution, not the problem, to advance a peaceful agenda in the region”, – he concluded.