Ilham Aliyev: If the Armenians do not calm down, we will crush them completely
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Ilham Aliyev: If the Armenians do not calm down, we will crush them completely

“Pashinyan deserves this humiliation, it was he who provoked the attack on us in July, but then we did not answer, and in September we answered with full force and defeated the Armenian army,” stated  the head of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, receiving on Saturday the co-chairs of the OSCE Minsk Group, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan News.

“I am listening to you, because it was your idea to come here. In front of the cameras, I want to repeat, I have not invited you here, but once you have arrived, speak in front of the cameras. If you don’t want to speak in front of the cameras, they could leave,” Aliyev said.

Now Russian peacekeepers are deployed there, the situation has stabilized, but yesterday the Armenians staged a terrorist attack and some remnants of the Self-Defense Army are operating there.

“They should know that if the Armenian fascism rears its head again, this time we will destroy them completely. Let no one doubt it,” Aliyev threatened.

Concerning the role of peacekeepers, he noted that the composition of the peacekeeping forces had never been specifically discussed. Today, this mission is carried out by Russian forces. This is a reality that both Azerbaijan and Armenia have accepted.

In addition, according to the trilateral agreement of November 10, a Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center is being created, which will be located in Aghdam. “This is a very good example of regional and Russian-Turkish cooperation and this is also a reality,” Aliyev stressed.

10 years ago, the presidents of the Minsk Group countries made a statement on the settlement and the need to change the status quo, but in reality, they did so that nothing would change. “However, we proved that the status quo can be changed by force of arms, our army and our people, and proved that we are right. Thanks to this, the Armenians signed the act of surrender; we did it, not the Minsk Group! We and President Putin, and this is reality.”

“If it were not for the efforts and intervention of President Putin, today the situation would have been different,” Aliyev stressed.

Azerbaijan returned all seven regions, Shusha, as well as Hadrut and some other regions. “We have achieved what we wanted,” Aliyev said.

With the resolution of the Karabakh conflict, the situation in the region has completely changed. “We have resolved the conflict that lasted 30 years by military and political means. I agree with President Putin that the conflict is now in the past. It is a pity that the Minsk Group has done nothing for this over these 28 years, although it had a mandate for this. And this is also a reality,” Aliyev noted.