Ilham Aliyev: Nobody Will Go to Karabakh Without Baku’s Consent, Peacekeepers Must Fulfill Their Functions, Armenian Foreign Minister Will in No Way Appear in Karabakh
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Ilham Aliyev: Nobody Will Go to Karabakh Without Baku’s Consent, Peacekeepers Must Fulfill Their Functions, Armenian Foreign Minister Will in No Way Appear in Karabakh

Azerbaijan showed responsibility and justice by not entering the territory of Armenia, despite rocket fire being fired from there and dozens of Azerbaijani citizens being killed – this was a statement made by President Ilham Aliyev at a meeting following the results of 2020, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan News.

“We taught them a lesson on the battlefield and the current political crisis in Armenia is the result of their annexationist policy,” he said.
Aliyev also accused foreign companies that were carrying out illegal development in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, saying “they will be held accountable.” “Let them know this and prepare,” Aliyev threatened.

He further criticized the activities of the Russian peacekeepers that allow foreigners to enter Karabakh. “We set before the peacekeepers the task of not allowing foreigners into the region without our permission, but a delegation from the French parliament went there. After that, the French ambassador was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and he was handed a note,” Aliyev said.

He condemned the actions of official Yerevan and in particular the visit of the Armenian Foreign Minister to Karabakh. “What have you lost there? Let the lessons of the war not be forgotten. These visits must end. We warn you that an end must be put to these provocations, otherwise Armenia will regret it.”
“The last visit of the Russian government delegation to Armenia and Azerbaijan was devoted to the issue of normalizing relations. If we are talking about normalization, then why are such provocative visits needed? What do they want to show? Let them not forget that such steps annoying us have cost them dearly,” Aliyev threatened.

“All this must be put to an end, and no foreigner can enter there without our permission – no organization except the Red Cross. This is our internationally recognized territory. Who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia to travel there? For the first time we issue a warning. Next time our answer will be very tough,” Aliyev said.

Further, he touched directly on the Russian peacekeepers that exceed their powers. “In the statement of November 10, their functions are indicated, and there is no mention of humanitarian activities. But we turned a blind eye to this. We understood that it is winter now, and steps and measures are needed to recover. We agreed to this out of humane considerations, and the Armenians should appreciate this. We also allowed the goods to be delivered to Karabakh by rail, via Barda, and not by air via Lachin.”

In conclusion, he touched upon the issue of restoring the border in the Gubadli region, where the houses and roads of Armenians came under the control of Azerbaijan. Having occupied and populated the territories of Azerbaijan, the Armenians did not think that they would have to leave one day. “We could get them out of there in one day, but we didn’t, we gave them time. But when they captured Kelbajar, our people left there immediately, barefoot and without property. No one then gave them time. Let them remember this and appreciate our attitude,” Aliyev said.

“After the end of hostilities, the armed Armenians are saboteurs. The order was given not to destroy them, but to take them prisoner. The war is over, why spill blood again? Who sends them there? On November 26, military men were sent there from the Shirak region. Why? If the Armenian authorities do not control illegal armed groups, this is their problem,” Aliyev said.