Israel’s defense minister to visit Azerbaijan

Israel’s defense minister to visit Azerbaijan

Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant will embark on an official visit to Baku, Azerbaijan on July 12, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Trend, citing a diplomatic source.

The purpose of the visit is to enhance the strategic relations between the two countries, reinforce political cooperation, and expand security and technological ties.

During his meetings, the defense minister is expected to engage in discussions with his counterparts regarding ways to bolster regional stability.

Over the past three decades, Azerbaijan and Israel have developed a strong and amicable interstate relationship, which has grown into a strategic alliance. This alliance is based on shared understanding and cooperation on various global issues. In addition to defense, the two countries have expanded their partnership to encompass sectors such as energy, creating a resilient and diverse collaboration.

Economic indicators demonstrate a remarkable increase in bilateral trade, with the turnover reaching an impressive $1.7 billion. This substantial amount highlights the significance of the trade relationship between the two nations. Moving forward, both countries are committed to further diversifying their trade turnover. Collaborative projects will be implemented to achieve a more balanced trade and reduce reliance on the energy sector. It is important to note that Azerbaijan has consistently been a reliable supplier of crude oil to Israel, accounting for 40 percent of Israel’s total oil imports.

Furthermore, recent data indicate that approximately 10-15 Israeli companies have already submitted applications through the Israeli Embassy in Azerbaijan to participate in projects in Karabakh. This demonstrates the eagerness of Israeli businesses to contribute to the development and reconstruction efforts in the region.