Karabakh: Luxury destination under a blockade?

Karabakh: Luxury destination under a blockade?

Guivami Rahimli, PhD, Professor at Baku State University, who also served as president of the Azerbaijan-Norway Friendship Society, shared with Azerbaijan in Focus the article published in the Norwegian newspaper UTROP based on Shervin Najafpour’s social media findings.

Shervin Najafpour, a former politician at the Conservative party Höyre, is a chairwoman of the cultural bridge-building organization CAN in Norway.

Armenia is deliberately manipulating the media’s narrative while continuing its illegal activities in the territories of Azerbaijan, writes Shervin Najafpour.

UTROP publication shows the evidence provided by Shervin Najafpour as proof that Armenia and Armenians are deliberately manipulating the media narrative and international public opinion while living a luxurious life and continuing their illegal activities in the territories of Azerbaijan by smuggling weapons in order to start another full-scale war in the region.

Shervin’s findings have been brought to the surface thanks to local Armenian residents of Karabakh who use social media actively. They do not hide their luxurious lifestyle and share daily updates with their followers.

Shervin Najafpour’s findings can be accessed in her X-thread via the following link. 

A wide-range abuse of the Lachin road necessitated Azerbaijan’s legitimate action of establishing a border checkpoint to prevent the misuse of the Lachin road by Armenia for military and illegal economic purposes.

Although the movement of the local Armenian residents of Karabakh through the Lachin checkpoint was organized by the Red Cross, Armenia at the same time imposes obstacles to the use of the Aghdam-Khankendi road for the delivery of humanitarian goods to the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Armenia’s claims about the “humanitarian crisis” and the “blockade” are pure political manipulation, and Shervin explains this with the evidence out of a large amount of documentation in her possession, showing the groundless allegations of “worsening humanitarian situation” and “continued blockade” in the region.

“With all these findings in mind, I am almost tempted to visit Karabakh with Norwegian journalists to experience the luxury blockade, while I, along with the Armenians, scream “wolf! wolf!” to the rest of the world because Azerbaijanis are pushing up caviar prices and thus causing a humanitarian crisis”, – ironizes Shervin Najafpour.

“I want Norwegian journalists to take the initiative to investigate the blockade claims of the Armenians. I have no doubt that the journalists will be incredibly surprised by the luxurious lives of the local Armenian residents of Karabakh in Azerbaijan.”