Next volume of ADA University’s Baku Dialogues Journal published

Next volume of ADA University’s Baku Dialogues Journal published

ADA University has announced the publication of the next volume of Baku Dialogues – Policy Perspectives on the Silk Road Region, the flagship English-language quarterly policy journal, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting AzerTac.

The Spring volume, spanning 169 pages and 10 articles, collects the research outcomes of the academic and professional community on important aspects of the topics related to the Second Karabakh War, the South Caucasus’s neighborhood, and energy trade and investment attractiveness along the Silk Road.

The volume is articulated in 4 sections. The issue that is a point of interest of the volume’s first section is the further reflection of the Second Karabakh war. This section examines the effects of War, the geographical and ethnic features of the region, and the period between the First and Second Karabakh Wars.
In the second section, readers will find diverse articles categorized under the headings “Energy and the Silk Road Region: Geostrategic Considerations”. This section publishes diverse articles authored by Robert M. Cutler, Director of the Energy Security Program at the NATO Association of Canada, Vitaliy Baylarbayov, Deputy Vice-President for Investments and Marketing of SOCAR, the state oil company of Azerbaijan. This section also includes the article by Rodrigo Labardini, Mexico’s ambassador to Azerbaijan.
The third section, entitled “The Ties that Bind: The South Caucasus and Its Immediate Neighborhood” collects articles by experienced analysts from the U.S. and Ukraine.

The last section under the theme “Investment Attractiveness Along the Silk Road” features a unique article, entitled “Development or Regression? Eurasia’s Investment Attractiveness” authored by Stanislav Pritchin, Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Post-Soviet Studies IMEMO RAS (Moscow).
This volume will be an essential reading source on the Silk Road Region. The latest volume is available here: