President Aliyev: There Is Not a Word About the Armenian People in the Kurekchay Treaty
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President Aliyev: There Is Not a Word About the Armenian People in the Kurekchay Treaty

“I am absolutely right when I say that we are restoring historical justice. I was able to prove this to the whole world during the Munich Security Conference and the subsequent live discussion that this is our historical land. ”

This statement came from Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev in his address to the nation, reports Azerbaijan in Focus:

“I have already spoken about the Kurekchay Treaty signed in the early 19th century. No information about this agreement was provided to the world in general. Unfortunately, even in Azerbaijan, no extensive information has been provided about this agreement.

“The Kurekchay Treaty was signed between Ibrahim Khalil khan, the khan of Karabakh and Shusha and a general of Tsarist Russia. The text of this treaty is available on the internet and anyone can see it. I am sure that, after my words, a large international audience watching the current situation on the battlefield with interest will go to these sites and see that there is not a word about the Armenian people in the Kurekchay Treaty.

“This is because the Armenian people were not there at that time. The Armenian people were brought to our ancestral lands after the Kurakchay, Gulustan and Turkmenchay peace treaties. They were brought here for a specific reason and located in Karabakh, one of the most beautiful regions of our country. Living conditions were created for them.

“The goal was clear – to change the religious composition in the new lands of the Russian Tsarist Empire, to expel Muslims from their ancestral lands, and to create a new reality. That was the goal and that goal, unfortunately, was achieved,” said the President.