President Erdoğan thanks Oğan for support in Türkiye’s elections

President Erdoğan thanks Oğan for support in Türkiye’s elections

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan thanked Sinan Oğan for his endorsement in Türkiye’s upcoming runoff elections on Sunday, as he rejected claims of bargaining to secure his support, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Daily Sabah.

“We had talks with Mr. Oğan here in my office and today he announced that he would support me and the People’s Alliance. I thank him on behalf of myself and my party,” the president told a live broadcast on TRT Haber late Monday.

He continued by saying that they did not have any discussions about reaching a bargain.

“Mr. Oğan knows our stance regarding the survival of the country, including the counterterrorism fight, and relations with the Turkic world. We will not make the smallest concessions regarding these issues, and will never do,” he said.

The president continued by saying that the repatriation and Syrian refugees were one of the issues they discussed during Friday’s meeting.

He noted that 450,000 refugees returned to their homes in northern Syria, and Türkiye currently aims to increase this number to 1 million with the construction of more bricket houses in the region.

“We will strive to ensure their safe return as he has mentioned,” the president said.

He continued by saying that one of the most important topics that they had agreed upon was the 66th article of the Constitution.

“These are our red lines, we are on the same page regarding these issues,” he said.

criticized Western media outlets that have recently tried to influence public opinion with headlines on elections in Türkiye.

“We have achieved most of our democratic gains in Türkiye by fighting with the headlines,” the Turkish leader said in a live interview with national broadcaster TRT Haber.

He added the West does not like Türkiye because it has rooted out terrorism. “In the fight against terrorism we have always been left alone. We pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps.”

The West also is disturbed by Türkiye’s improvement in the defense industry, Erdoğan said.

“Do they like Türkiye which is getting stronger in the defense industry? Of course, they don’t like us. They won’t like us because we don’t buy weapons or ammunition from them anymore … My nation gave this answer to them on May 14. I hope that on May 28th, they will do it again,” he said.

“Have you heard discomfort from Azerbaijan, Qatar and Libya because of our efforts? No. When we look at those who are disturbed by our success, we can see more clearly who is a friend and who is foe,” Erdoğan added.

Millions of voters went to the polls on May 14 to elect the country’s president and its 600-seat parliament.

Erdoğan’s People’s Alliance won a majority in parliament, while the presidential race is headed to a second-round runoff on May 28.

Erdoğan will face Kemal Kılıçaroğlu, the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and joint candidate for the six-party opposition Nation Alliance, in the runoff vote.

Erdoğan finished the first round with 49.52% of the vote, while Kilicdaroglu came second at 44.88%, and Sinan Oğan of the ATA (Ancestral) Alliance got 5.17%.

Return of Syrian refugees

The president assured that Türkiye’s borders are equipped with the most recent technologies for safety. “Türkiye’s borders are safer than ever before,” he said.

More than 3.7 million Syrians currently reside in Türkiye, making it the world’s top refugee-hosting country.

Following the start of a bloody civil war in Syria in 2011, Türkiye adopted an “open-door” policy for Syrians fleeing persecution and brutality.

Syria has been embroiled in a vicious civil war since early 2011 when the Bashar Assad regime cracked down on pro-democracy protests with unexpected ferocity.

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and more than 10 million others displaced, according to U.N. estimates.