President Ilham Aliyev addresses participants of 3rd Rebuild Karabakh Exhibition

President Ilham Aliyev addresses participants of 3rd Rebuild Karabakh Exhibition

President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev has addressed the participants of the 3rd Azerbaijan International Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh Exhibition – “Rebuild Karabakh”, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Trend.

“Dear Exhibition Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I sincerely greet you on the occasion of the opening of the 3rd Azerbaijan International Exhibition for the Restoration, Reconstruction and Development of Karabakh “Rebuild Karabakh”.

The experience of the past years has shown that organizing exhibitions like this has been beneficial for the stimulation of socio-economic life in the liberated territories, the achievement of regional peace, and sustainable development. Undoubtedly, today’s exhibition will also create significant opportunities for the implementation of future business projects.

This exhibition coincides with the centenary of the National Leader of our people, Heydar Aliyev. He rendered invaluable services to our state in establishing territorial integrity and independent progress during all the periods, when he led Azerbaijan.

The Great Leader always envisioned a sovereign Azerbaijan only with Karabakh, and its crown jewel, Shusha. He showed special care for the economic and cultural development of these territories, and the continuous improvement of its living standards.

In Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur, beloved by the Great Leader, life is reviving with great enthusiasm. As cities, towns, and villages are being rebuilt, the original inhabitants of these lands are returning to their native homes to live in peace. The pioneering restoration and reintegration work carried out in these areas serve as an example of fruitful cooperation and partnership between the state and the private sector.

I invite the exhibition participants, as far-sighted and pioneering businesses and entrepreneurs, to take advantage of the opportunities created by our state for the innovative development of the liberated territories, and to unite their business ideas around a common goal.

I am confident that the “Rebuild Karabakh” Exhibition will provide a favorable platform for the successful implementation of beneficial initiatives in Karabakh and Eastern Zangazur, as well as for establishing new business connections. Once again, I wish all exhibition participants and visitors success in their endeavors!

Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” the address reads.