President: Why Don’t Western Countries And International Organisations React to Armenian Repressions?
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President: Why Don’t Western Countries And International Organisations React to Armenian Repressions?

In his address to the Azerbaijani people, according to ‘Azerbaijan in Focus’, reporting AzerTac, President Ilham Aliyev stated: “Our victory has already created big problems in Armenia. But look at the reaction of international organisations. Is there a reaction? No!”

He continued his stinging attack on this biased approach: “Each day, an opposition leader gets arrested in Armenia on trumped-up charges. Has any Western country reacted to this? No! Did they condemn it? No! Leaders of major opposition parties have been arrested, but no-one speaks up. Where are you, the Council of Europe? Where is the Council of Europe, which despises Azerbaijan and tries to discredit us? Why are you tight-lipped? Where is the monitoring committee? Several rapporteurs for Azerbaijan have been appointed there. Armenia must be monitored.

“Why are you silent, the Council of Europe? Where are your leaders, where is your monitoring committee, where is the political committee? Don’t you see that there are repressions in Armenia? Can’t you see that the dictator is doing whatever he pleases? In fact, he is a defeated dictator, a humiliated dictator. So, why don’t you speak up? Where is your democracy, where are your human rights? Is there an answer? No! And there won’t be one. Even after my words, there will be none. They will cover it up, hush it up.”

President Aliyev concluded: “The European Parliament has adopted over ten ugly and false resolutions against Azerbaijan. Why are you silent, the European Parliament? You consider yourself the centre of democracy in the world. Speak up, make a statement and condemn this. A dictator destroys all the opposition right in front of everyone in the world. He kills a man. One of the persons who occupied the parliament has already been found dead. Why don’t you speak up? Why? Non-governmental organisations which regularly campaign against us, why are you silent, why don’t you speak up? When we were hit with a ballistic missile, you were silent; when we were hit with cluster munitions and phosphorus bombs, you remained tight-lipped. Great countries, countries that claim to European leaders, why are you silent? Tell me, answer me!”