The second road to Shusha will be built in 2024

The second road to Shusha will be built in 2024

The second highway towards the city of Shusha will be 4-6-lane to be laid in 2024, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan News. This was announced at today’s press conference by the deputy head of the main department for operation and repair of highways under the State Agency of Highways (SAH) Hidayat Rustamov.

According to him, the length of the road will be 81.6 km. Note that the construction of bridges and tunnels is designed to ensure a high speed of transport facilities. As a matter of fact, the highway will be 20 km shorter than “Zafar Yolu “(“Victory Road”).

The work is ongoing in several directions on other liberated territories as well. This refers to highways as follows: Togana-Kelbajar-Istisu (length 83 km, 4 lanes), Goradiz-Jabrayil-Zangilan-Agbend (123.8 km, 4-6 lanes ), Khudaferin-Gubadli-Lachin (70 km, 4 lanes ), Kelbajar-Lachin (73 km, 2 lanes ), Fuzuli-Hadrut (13 km, 4 lanes ), Barda-Aghdam (45 km, 4 lanes), Shukurbeyli-Jabrayil-Hadrut (43 km, 4 lanes).

Besides, it is planned to build a new, alternative highway without entering the city of Lachin (23 km, 2 lanes) and the Talysh-Tapgaragoyunlu-Gashalti sanatorium highway (22 km, 2 lanes).