US Ambassador Congratulates Azerbaijani People On Occasion of Novruz Holiday

US Ambassador Congratulates Azerbaijani People On Occasion of Novruz Holiday

The Ambassador of the United States in Azerbaijan, Lee Litzenberger, has congratulated the people of Azerbaijan on the occasion of Novruz holiday, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Trend News.

“On behalf of the embassy in Baku, the people of the United States, I would like to wish the people of Azerbaijan, a healthy and happy Novruz,” Litzenberger said.

He noted that in March 2019, he had a pleassure to arrive in Azerbaijan at a time when the entire country was preparing for the Novruz holiday.

“I remember seeing families decked out in brand new clothes, cultural performances featuring brilliant bright colors, bonfires everywhere, including one here at the US embassy, and some of the best food I had anywhere in the world. For me this was a truly special introduction to Azerbaijani culture and society,” he said.

Litzenberger noted that he will never forget the hospitalitality extended to him during his first month here in Baku.

“For hundreds of millions of people around the world, Novruz is a holiday when families and communities come together and make a fresh start to the New Year. In the US, Novruz has recently become a welcome addition to our diverse cultural calendar, thanks to immigrants from Azerbaijan, and other countries in the region. While COVID-19 has made large-scale celebrations more difficult, it’s my sincere hope that all of you will be able to enjoy a safe and happy holiday, and we will be able to all celebrate together next year,” he said.