“Uzun Hasan – The Ruler of Aggoyunlu state” book launch was held in Baku

“Uzun Hasan – The Ruler of Aggoyunlu state” book launch was held in Baku

As part of the 9th Baku International Book Fair, the Heydar Aliyev Foundation presented various new publications of the Foundation at the exhibition, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Qafaqazinfo.

On November 13, the presentation of the book “Uzun Hasan – The Ruler of Aggoyunlu State” was held within the framework of the International Book Fair. The book consists of two parts: the first part provides information about Uzun Hasan’s genealogy and biography.

The publication also contains interesting facts about Uzun Hasan’s son Sultan Yaqub’s internal and foreign policy, political processes that took place in Azerbaijan and in the world in the 15th century, European travelers who came to Azerbaijan in the 14th and 15th centuries and visited the Aggoyunlu palace, the activities of the first female diplomat of Azerbaijan, Uzun Hasan’s mother Sara Khatun, and the historical information about the glorification of the image of Uzun Hasan’s wife Despina Khatu in European culture.

The book also provides information about collections of cultural heritage belonging to the Aggoyunlu state in world museums.

The second part of the publication is the catalog containing information about rare exhibits in the Military Museum located in Istanbul, the National Museum of Azerbaijan History, the National Art Museum of Azerbaijan, the National Carpet Museum of Azerbaijan and the Ganja Museum of History and Local History, and more than 50 exhibits belonging to the Aggoyunlu period that are kept in the National Library of Azerbaijan.