Vagif Poetry Days open in Shusha

Vagif Poetry Days open in Shusha

On July 14, the Vagif Poetry Days were opened in front of the museum-mausoleum complex of Molla Panah Vagif in Shusha, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Qafqazinfo.

The representatives of the state and government, well-known figures of science and culture of the republic, members of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, young writers and poets took part in the opening ceremony.

People’s writer Chingiz Abdullayev, first deputy chairman of the Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, spoke at the event and expressed his satisfaction at participating in such a great event in Shusha, which is organized every year. The People’s writer also spoke about the creativity of the prominent poet Molla Panah.

Serhad Kabakli, the head of the Turkish Literature Foundation, said that he was proud to be invited to the Vagif Poetry Days in Shusha and thanked the organizers of the event. “I will carry back to Turkey the unforgettable memories I received at the Vagif Poetry Days in Shusha today. I am very proud of that.”

People’s poet Vahid Aziz, People’s Artist of Uzbekistan Khurshud Davron, secretary of Azerbaijan Writers’ Union, poet-publicist Rashad Majid, poet-translator Salim Babullaoglu spoke about Shusha’s charm, unusual nature, uniqueness, becoming part of the address of international events and “the cultural capital of the Turkish world”.

Then poems on patriotism and poems dedicated to beloved Shusha were read.

The event continued with a concert program of well-known artists of the republic.