Vladimir Putin: Karabakh is Azerbaijan

Vladimir Putin: Karabakh is Azerbaijan

Russian President Vladimir Putin touched upon the history of the Karabakh settlement at a plenary meeting of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Tuesday, according to Azerbaijan in Focus, reporting Turan.

“We offered our options for a settlement, it seems to me that this is well known. Armenia controlled 7 regions, which it brought under its control after the first  Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict. We proposed to come to an agreement with Azerbaijan in such a way that 2 regions – Kelbajar and Lachin remained, in fact, under the jurisdiction of Armenia with the whole of Karabakh. But the Armenian leadership did not agree with this, although we tried to convince the Armenians for decades, 10-15 years,” Putin said.

When we asked what you would do, the answer in Armenia was “We will fight.” As a result, the current situation has developed.  But it’s not just about the results of the latest conflict. The point is that the recent Armenian leadership essentially recognized Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Karabakh, Putin said.

“In the Prague statement, this was simply recorded on paper. Now President Aliyev tells me, “Well, you know that Armenia recognized that Karabakh is ours, it means that the question of the status of Karabakh is no longer an issue, it has been resolved.”

The Armenian leadership also publicly stated that it recognizes the territory of the Azerbaijan SSR until 1991 and named a figure that includes the territory of Karabakh itself. This is not our decision, this is the decision of the Armenian leadership,” Putin said.

In Azerbaijan, they say that if Russia wants to help, then all issues regarding Karabakh should be resolved with Baku on a bilateral basis.

“What should we say? There’s nothing to say here. If Armenia itself recognized that Karabakh is part of Azerbaijan, Armenia itself determined the status of Karabakh,” Putin said.

Of course, there are other issues related to the humanitarian component and the mandate of Russian peacekeepers. “This is true. The mandate is still in effect, but issues of a humanitarian nature, preventing any kind of ethnic cleansing there – of course, it has not gone away. I completely agree with this. I hope that the Azerbaijani leadership, as they have always told us that they not interested in any ethnic cleansing,” Putin noted.